Certified Quality Auditor Online Prep Course

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Certified Quality Auditor Online Prep Course

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The on-demand courses are based on previous released editions of the Quality Council of Indiana's Body of Knowledge (BoK). To review the difference between our Quality Minds videos and the latest version of the primer, see the link "[X] Edition Primer Changes" on the respective pages below:

CQA - http://www.qualitycouncil.com/CQA.html

CQE - http://www.qualitycouncil.com/CQE.html

CSSGB - http://www.qualitycouncil.com/CSSGB.html

CSSBB - http://www.qualitycouncil.com/CSSBB.html

*For reference only. Quality Council of Indiana webpages may change without notice. If you experience problems, simply do a keyword search on a search engine.

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Quality Minds is an online training series presented by Concentric. These courses are designed for professionals aspiring to pass a certification exam given by the American Society of Quality (ASQ). After successfully completing a course, you will better understand the body of knowledge required for successfully completing the exam. This will allow you to apply a wide range of quality tools and concepts to your individual work situation.

This online course is an on-demand course where you study at your own pace. Each module contains a subject matter video with narration from Stephen Deas. Stephen is a Concentric Subject Matter Expert that was certified as a Quality Engineer in 1991 and a Six Sigma Black Belt in 2003. In addition to the login information below you will also receive an email inviting you to the materials.