Problem Solving Workshop

Concentric offers a state-of-the-art Problem Solving Workshop that can be used to both train employees on problem solving tools/methods while also solving the organizations most troublesome problems.  This is an outline for the 40-hour workshop:


Outline for Team Problem Solving Workshop

1.    The PDCA Cycle 
2.    Form a Team 
    a.  Who should be on the team?
    b.    How the team should be organized
    c.    The Team Leader
    d.    Responsibilities of team members
    e.    Consequences if this step is skipped
3.    Define the Problem 
    a.    Using the 5W2H method
    b.    Tools to use
    c.    Determining if the problem is related to measurement (MSA) or process 
    d.    Consequences if this step is skipped
4.    Containment Action 
    a.    Protecting the customer
    b.    Validating the action
    c.    Verify that the containment action works
    d.    Consequences if this step is skipped
5.    Find the Root Cause: Tools and Techniques 
    a.    Tools to use (Ishikawa “Fishbone” Diagram, Brainstorm & Rank)
    b.    The 5 Why’s - Ask why five times
    c.    Is/Is Not Tool
    d.    Consequences if this step is skipped
6.    Corrective Action 
    a.    Action, responsibility, due date
    b.    Verify that the corrective action effectively addresses the cause(s)
    c.    Improve the quality system by looking at all aspects of the quality system 
    d.    Consequences if this step is skipped
7.    Evaluate effectiveness & Corrective Action Impact 
    a.    Monitor/Evaluate long-term effectiveness
    b.    1st Piece verification + Last-off comparison
    c.    Process audits
    d.    Application of actions taken to similar products or processes
    e.    Consequences if this step is skipped
8.    Preventive Action 
    a.    What is preventive action (vs. corrective action)?
    b.    Preventive action tools & techniques
    c.    Use of C&E Matrix to prioritize by highest risk
    d.    Deep dive into FMEA
9.    Management Review 
    a.    How to structure a follow up meeting
    b.    Reporting the status of Corrective & Preventive Action
    c.    What should management review?
    d.    Consequences if this step is skipped
10. Improving the Problem Solving Process
    a.    Using PDCA to improve the Team-based problem solving process
    b.    TGR/TGW Analysis
    c.    Evaluating the tools & techniques used
    d.    Reporting results to top management
    e.    Evaluating management commitment
    f.     Updates to procedures
    g.    Identification of new training & competency needs
    h.    Other resources needed for continual improvement