AIAG Core Tools

Over 30 years ago, North America's Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG) created and published a common set of quality tools and methodology which became to be known as "Core Tools". These tools were created to compliment the purpose of international quality management system standards by providing a framework for how to comply with specific requirements. Core tools provide organizations with advanced methods to improve opportunities to meet customer requirements, launch production correctly the first time, identify and control risks and potential failures, ultimately leading to bottom-line results.

Core Tools are the fundamental building blocks of an effective quality management system (QMS); most commonly used within the automotive supply chain. Since their creation, various other sectors such as aerospace and medical device manufacturing have incorporated their use in improving internal and supply chain performance.

5 Core Tool Manuals

APQP - Advanced Product Quality Planning & Control Plan

PPAP - Product Part Approval Process

FMEA - Failure Mode and Effects Analysis

MSA - Measurement System Analysis

SPC - Statistical Process Control

How can we improve your business through core tools?

What makes us different is the decades of implementation of management systems and core tools for our employers and clients within the automotive sector. The majority of our working hours have been spent studying and implementing the demands and precision required to survive in the advanced manufacturing world of the automotive industry. Time and time again, the teachings and deployment of core tools has been at the heart of our service to the most demanding customers in the world. That is why they choose us as their partner.

Core Tools Training & Workshop Options

  • Core Tools Overview (4-8hrs)

  • Core Tools In-Depth (24hrs)

  • Core Tools Training & Implementation Workshop (40-80hrs)

All of our training programs can be built to meet your individual needs. We have several different delivery methods including:

  • Public Training: Traditional class room style with students from various companies all over the world meeting in 1 room to review the course materials.

  • Remote Training: We have the technology to teach any course with students from all over the world in a virtual class room.

  • Onsite Training: Any of SMEs can come to your facility and teach a course.

  • One-on-One: This mentor-ship style of training is great for the student that wants hand on training with any of our SMEs

  • Self-Paced: We have online training courses that you receive the materials and go as you need.

  • Do-It-Yourself: This option is great for the organizations that may be looking course materials and have one of their representatives teach the course.

Contact us today to find out which training and methodology is right for you!


On March 26th, 2019, the AIAG announced the release of their core tools support software, a cloud-based solution for authoring and managing core tool documentation such as FMEAs, Control Plans and PPAP documents. The software also allows for collaboration across multiple sites.


  • Linkages between forms such as Control Plan & FMEA

  • Flexibility in creating task templates

  • Reporting across parts and projects

  • Main menu showing tasks, priorities, meetings, calendar & more

  • Search bar for quick content look-up

  • Instant updates of latest forms & templates

  • Tracking & uploading of PPAP documentation (i.e. GR&R studies, design records)

  • Project planning tools for APQP (i.e. meeting minutes, action tracking, etc.)