The automotive industry has never been more competitive than it is today. Global competition and increasing customer demands continue to drive quality requirements within the automotive supply chain. Over 50% of our projects are based in IATF 16949 implementation, Core Tools integration and supply chain improvements.


The aerospace industry requires some of the toughest quality standards in the world. We specialize in error proofing methods, configuration management, managing risk and various international certifications. Approximately 20% of our projects are based in the AS9100 family of international standards.


Opportunities to reduce redundancies, minimize travel time, improve communication among providers and provide the best results for the patient are at abundant levels. Both legislative changes for healthcare reform (i.e. pay for performance), as well as competition among providers, will continue to drive the need for lean quality practices in healthcare. We support compliance to ISO 13485 and other healthcare hot topics.


Our SMEs are competent in their respective fields, providing technical expertise for supporting litigation or minimizing potential risks. Our associates have served as Expert Witnesses for a variety of cases, including the Lead Expert Witness on an International Trade Commission (ITC) lawsuit that set precedence for how the heavy duty supply chain interacts with US-based OEMs.


Much of the automotive and aerospace industry quality standards stem from government and military standards. With the evolution of government contracting, outsourcing (“privatization”) to the public sector, so grows the opportunity to provide goods and services to the various branches of the US Government. We have worked with both prime and sub-level contractors in developing their organizations to provide goods and/or services to government agencies and their allies around the globe.

Manufacturing & ServiceS

As international standard requirements continue to flow to sectors beyond automotive, aerospace and healthcare, so does the breathe of our customer-base. We have served global leaders in the following sectors: flora products, household appliance manufacturing, office supplies, corrugated products, optical digital media, heavy equipment manufacturing, software development, waste treatment, university curriculum development, musical instrument manufacturers and more.