12-Tools Bundle | Instructional Video + Templates

Management System Architecture - 12 Tools (1.26.17).jpg
Management System Architecture - 12 Tools (1.26.17).jpg

12-Tools Bundle | Instructional Video + Templates

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The 12-Tool Management System Architecture is a toolbox made of benchmarks for compliance and beyond. These tools and management system structure has been deployed in organizations throughout the world to take market leaders in automotive, aerospace and various other sectors to the next level. With understanding and structure comes organizational excellence. This organization model provides the framework for mastering the processes you manage. Learn to configure the tools by watching the included video and begin your journey towards distributing management of these tools to their respective process owners.

Bundle includes:

  • 12-Tools Video

  • 12-Tools Webinar

  • 12-Tools Templates (PDF & editable native files)

  • Up to 30 minutes of instructions, Q&A, etc. from one of our subject matter experts

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Want more than just these tools in the 12-Tools Bundle? Great news! Upgrade and receive access to our Global QMS Portal via Dropbox and benefit from regular updates to new tools, templates, published guidelines, additional videos and more! 

Access includes 12-tools Bundle, all 6 Auditor Transition Series Videos (ISO 9001 & IATF 16949), 150+ folder Document Control directory structure and 100+ tools, templates and training presentations. What makes purchasing access better than ever? As new tools, templates and best practices are created, we will automatically upload these files into the portal at no additional cost. Use the online chat feature (bottom right of your screen) or simply submit your contact information at http://www.concentricglobal.co/12tools and one of our associates with contact you for access, a short remote training session and payment options that work best for you.