CMSi to launch new look for 2010

The long-standing look of Concentric Management System has come to an end. We will be launching a new look along with the new website for launch in December 2009. This extreme makeover accompanies the next generation of management system services and new home for the company. The second rendition of our website served us well and, basically, remained static for years.  While our the customer base has typically been tolerate of basic information on course schedules, FAQs, etc., we are all seeing the capability of social media and instant information.  Therefore, it only makes sense - as a company that coaches others on continuous improvement - to bring the latest and greatest information to our existing and future customers.

Within the next few months, we will morph into a new age of useful information and means for updates.  We are very excited to discover the possibilities that lie ahead as an organization that relies so much on intelletual resources.

We encourage you to be a part of our development during this exciting phase in organizational opportunities.