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Lean Healthcare: Standard Work is Not So Standard

Lean Healthcare Standard Work is Not So StandardIn lean healthcare, it’s amazing how often standard work is missing. Observe the workers and note the variability of the processes. One shift does a task a certain way or an individual has developed their own technique; this variability in healthcare at times is seen as a badge of pride and honor. There are areas in healthcare where individuality can shine but in many areas, standard work should be imperative. One example of process variability that should have a healthcare facility concerned would be the sterilization/instrument decontamination area. If this area cannot produce a written standard work, then the instrument cleaning process more than likely is only as good as the last trainer. That should concern the surgeon as well as the whole operating room staff. Things as easy as labeling blood vials could use a standard work. Do you circle the date or write the date? Does the collector put three initials or just two? I bet most would say that’s all common sense, but do a Gemba and observe the variation. If there is a lot of variation in the simple but important tasks of labeling vials, then it can be assumed variation exists at some magnitude for the more difficult tasks of the decontamination process. Maybe its time to evaluate or start creating standard work. So how does the standard work get developed? One way is to research best practices.

  1. Write the standard work: By putting it in writing, it is more likely to become the standard and remain the standard.
  2. Train to standard work: No more as good as the last trainer. It’s the standard!
  3. Post it: You do not want, “out of sight, out of mind.”
  4. Audit: It enforces, “It’s the standard.”

Have the staff and subject matter experts involved from the start, writing the standard work. Communicating the “why” is paramount when developing and sustaining the standard work. Minimizing process variability which leads to process predictability is great for the patient, the provider and the payer.

Once the variability is gone, then true continuous process improvement can start.

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