What we do

We work for you. You will increase your competitiveness and profitability when working with our experts because we provide consultation and training services that result in reduced waste and risk, increased customer satisfaction and increased profitability. While primarily we have worked in the automotive and aerospace manufacturing sectors, our products, trainings and consulting services can be utilized across many different industries.

We work with our clients to match subject matter experts with your needs for business process improvement so that you get exactly what you’re looking for, including any certification requirements you may need. We work with you to develop the skills you need to consult and audit within your own organization to reduce costs and increase quality and revenue.

We support the world’s leading organizations in their pursuit of excellence through the provision of training, consulting and auditing services. We are dedicated to providing services that exceed the expectations of our customers by being deliberate about delivering the highest level of customized service possible. We believe in steady growth with integrity.

How we do it

We're magic. No, not really. But you might think it is.

There are several different avenues as to how we work our magic. You have a project or need a skill that is time sensitive and short-term, but you don’t necessarily need to hire a full-time expert for this. We place subject matter experts in specialized contract-based projects. So you call us and we find and expert that has that skill for you. You get what you need and save time and money. We also provide trainings for certifications. Continuing education is ongoing in every industry and we have the experts and curriculum to provide individuals or organizations the training they need and want. Lastly, we provide products such as e-books, templates and online courses that help your employees excel at their jobs. You can browse our store of digital products and find that right one for what you need, or just give us a shout and we can put together something that will fit perfectly.

Those are the 'things' you get when working with Concentric but how do we do it. Well, we...


  • Listen to our clients' needs

  • Assess the project and make recommendations

  • Manage special consultant and training events

  • Educate project leaders for self-lead implementation

  • Facilitate client needs with solutions from our affiliates

  • Manage all the details of the project and the consult placed in it

  • Build relationships


We are In the people business after all. It’s expertise when you need it, and no overhead when you don’t.

Contact us today to see how we can help you business get to the next level.