Job Posting: Quality/Reliability Maintenance SME

Concentric is in need of a Quality/Reliability Maintenance subject-matter expert to provide a module-based curriculum for Reliability Maintenance Certification. The certification will be part of a Workforce Continuing Education (CE) program suitable for university and technical college application. Scope of Project: Vibration Analysis a. Cause and Effect of machine vibration b. How to measure vibration c. Establishing a baseline d. Hands-on

Thermography a. Establishing a baseline b. Equipment for measuring c. NFPA 70E d. Hands-on

Laser Alignment a. Gear Alignment b. Pulley Alignment c. Shaft Alignment d. Hands-on

Oil Analysis a. Viscosity b. Contaminants c. Lubrication selection

Precision Bearing installation and rebuild a. Overview of bearing selection b. Contamination c. Proper installation techniques d. Hands-on

Hydraulics and Pneumatics a. How the systems work b. Troubleshooting c. Hands-on

Preventative Maintenance and DFMEA for Reliability a. Building a PM system that focuses on cost effectiveness i. Machine life expectancy 1. Rebuild or replace ii. Critical components iii. Inventory iv. DFMEA and how it pertains to maintenance

The purpose of the project is to build a program focusing on Reliability Maintenance. The person(s) would be responsible for the course content per the outline above. The hands-on part of the class should represent 25 - 35% of each class with predefined exercises.